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World Vegan Day Fayre in Bristol 2003

Having to get up for 4am was not the best start to any day, & the idea of 4 hours on a train didn't fill me with joy either, but even with these drawbacks I was still looking forward to Vegan Bodybuilding attending our second event.

The place was already bustling by the time we arrived, so we quickly set up & got down to the business of promoting the idea of strength training to the masses.

Phil, Pete & Robbie hard at work

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There was a large amount of free food on offer that all of us at the VBB stall took full advantage of! Also nice to see that even a few of the other stall holders showed interest in the stall & a lot said they had either started or were thinking about training because of the information they'd got from us at our last outing!

Most inspirational was talking to Neil (who is on the ) about how the growth on his spine is going to eventually paralyse his lower body. The guy hasn't given up, like a lot of us would. Not only is he working his upper body, but even with legs that fail unexpectedly, he still gets on the old leg press machine & fights for every rep they've got in them. As I thought "So, what's your excuse for not training today!?!".

The only downside of the day was that Billy didn't supply her legendary chocolate cake (& I thought that was mandatory for every VBB stall), but to make up for it, Viva! ran an Xmas cooking demonstration were you ate the results of all their hard work (yum!).

Hopefully we'll be doing a lot more of these events in the near future & really start getting the message across that although diet is important to health & fitness, exercise is just as vital if you want to benefit from a long, healthy life.

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