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Robbie's All day arm blast

By Robbie Hazeley

Here’s how to add an inch to your arms after a single workout be warned this routine is not for the weak!

Take 4 days off training before starting and after consume a high calorie diet measure your arms at start then 24 hours after and again after your 4 days rest be prepare for a shock!. The days workout is simple but difficult to stick to.

Its 4 exercises into 2 supersets every half hour. (A superset is doing both exercises together without a break, so you would do, for example, 8 BB curls, followed immediately by 8 Tricep pushdowns, rest for 30 secs to 2 mins, then repeat)

Workout 1- 1a barbell curls 3x8 1b tricep pushdowns 3x8.

Workout 2- 2a seated dumbbell curls 3x10 2b french press 3x10.

6am 10grams creatine 100grams maltodextrin in a pint of water
6.30am 30gram protein drink
7am 50 grams oats 2 bananas
7.30am take arm measurements stretch out do 2 warm up sets each of dumbbell curls and tricep pushdowns
8am workout 1 this should take 5 minutes rest till 8.30am
8.30am workout 2 rest till 9am
8.45am 30gram protein drink
9am workout 1
9.30am workout 2
10am workout 1
10.30am workout 2
11am workout 1
11.30am workout 2
Noon workout 1
12.30pm workout 2
12.45pm large vegan meal

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1pm workout 1
1.30pm workout 2
2pm workout 1
2.30pm workout 2
3pm workout 1
3.30pm workout 2
3.45pm 30gram protein drink
4pm workout 1
4.30pm workout 2
4.45pm 10 grams creatine 100grams maltodextrin in a pint of water
5.45pm 60gram protein drink with a banana blended in
6.30pm eat a large vegan meal
Before bed a 30gram protein drink with a banana blended in.

This workout is brought to you by Pete and Robbie at [probably the best vegan website in the world]

If you have any questions, feel free to post on the Veganbodybuilding E-mail list

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