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In the news in 2008

Off the Hoof magazine November 2008 (

(write up below)

Robbie Hazeley by posh Eddy

In the world of Vegan bodybuilding and fake tan, few could claim more long-term success than Robbie Hazeley. Having been in the game since the early 70's, he's been flexing his 'ceps since Ron Jeremy first trimmed his moustache.

He didn't become a veggie till 1989 but since he became fully vegan in 199 he's won more trophies than racehorse on amphetamines. Our man with the raging torso is all natural in his approach to building muscle, however the full conversion only came after a horrific tennis injury which almost crippled him.
Having badly torn his ligaments coaching, he endured six operations, truckload of painkillers an chronic knee arthritis before friend and mentor Dave Howe introduced him to plant power. A miraculous recovery ensued and he now pumps more iron than Popeye and strides 30 miles, once a week, with just a backpack and some

Regularly seen sporting his extraordinarily restrictive speedos on the flexing circuit, he dons his favourite pair of nuthuggers (blue with gold stars) as often as he can. He admits it's a great feeling getting up on stage, fully lubed up with 'Dream Tan' and busting his moves to AC/DC, the Beastie Boys or Rammstein. Despite all the excitement though he reassures us he's never had to deal with an impromptu boner whilst on stage. Lord be praised.

Training happens three or four times a week, each time working a different part of his chiselled anatomy for 45 min sessions. His list of workout stretches sounds like it would reduce most men to a quivering pulp but he just loves the challenge. You can check out his epic workout routine at
Even now, aged 50 - something, the Robmeister dispatches his more youthful carnivorous rivals with ease (coming 3rd last month in the Welsh Championships).
His list of achievements and titles are as long as my arm. The most prized possession in the fabled Hazeley trophy cabinet though is a Hercules statuette given to him by old friend and gym owner Omar Hnesh.
The right diet is crucial in the world of bodybuilding and it's here that Robbie has a distinct advantage over his meat-eating comrades. "Going vegan" he says "is actually a far more energising diet as far less energy is used by the body to digest and metabolise". The golden rule is carbs before training and protein after.
His preferred food is TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) smothered in American mustard which he wolfs down the hatch on a regular basis, often followed by a strawberry, kiwi and mango smoothie (his personal favorite). Off-season, he will eat little often, usually six times a day. When he's in competition mode he'll jack the intake up to eight!
Despite travelling all over the world to strut his stuff, he still enjoys the UK circuit more than anywhere, The dodgiest place he's ever competed in was Belgium which he said was "a bit weird". He admits the scene in the States is a bit more glammed up and the tanned naked chicks backstage are a real bonus. He refused to
share any more details than that although conceded it's always a pretty arousing place to be.
Peruvian Maca was his secret weapon in the early days, which he used to boost his strength. Known as the sex herb of the Incas it's guaranteed to get the juices flowing, crank up the libido and gives you the endurance of a Trojan warrior (not just in the bed chamber). Nowadays he sticks to straight protein shakes (soya, rice and hemp) which give him all the skills to pay the bills.
He is a true role model for any aspiring vegan athletes as well as those interested in bodybuilding as means to acquiring a severely chiselled physique. His enthusiasm for the sport is only matched by the passion he feels for the vegan way of life, which is interspersed with a few old school ciders from his native Devon.
Robbie is now looking forward to strapping on the infamous speedos for his next bout of muscle pumpage. He's headed for the British Finals on Nov 2nd, Mr UK on the 16th and will no doubt be gearing himself up for December's Mr Universe in Hamburg.

"Going vegan" he says "is actually a far more
energising diet as far less energy is used by the body to digest and metabolise. The golden rule is carbs before training and protein after.

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