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Heart of England Vegan Festival 2005

Starting off at 7.30AM we thought we had plenty of time to get to the HoE Vegan Festival, but in the end we didn't arrive until about 11AM. That was a long time in a car & feeling a bit stiff we shuffled our way to the venue. Even after the huge journey I was still looking forward to meeting up with the Vegan Bodybuilding crew, as well as getting a chance to hook up with the vegan fitness posse this was their stomping area.

Unfortunately, as Pat Reeves, the British Powerlifting champion, had to compete in the European Powerlifting championships she had to talk early, then leave, but I got to exchange a few words before she had to literally run for her taxi to the train station. I usually really like Pats talks as she can put nutrition across in simple terms that even thick blokes like me can understand (quite a feat!).

One thing I was looking forward to was hooking up with our US cousins who were coming along to the vegan fitness activities week. We don't often get a chance to meet up with some of the e-mails we speak to & puting faces to the text was fab.

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Somehow even though I haven't been able to train properly for a month or so, I was convinced to get my top off next to Topher (hero). The guy can eat like normal, stay that cut AND grow. All at the same time (doesn't that make you sick!), infact the US guys were bloody big, strong lads that do the vegan cause a power of good, helping to end the idea that vegans have to be small, frail little things. These guys looked like they could lift buses!!!

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It was also really nice to see fruitbat & JP from Vegan Fitness (& of course the ever youthful Rochelle). Looks like JP's goal of competing as apowerlifter is only just around the corner now, as everytime I see him he looks stronger & his totals are creeping up.

There was also a disply of Karate given by WIP Tom that I missed because I was stuck at the stall, but was said to be fantastic by those that saw him.

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Special thanks have to go to Steve for driving us all the way there at very short notice. He's a great bloke.

It was especially good of him as he hurt his groin the night before when he had a saddle snap on his bike & the pole hit him somewhere that blokes really wouldn't bear thinking about (OUCH!).

The day went really well & we met some great people, including littlebunnygirl (you can see her back in the top picture). Also people from several other sports that wanted some advice on training , diet etc,& not forgetting Billy with her doggie biscuits she sells for charity. All in all a very good, exciting time was had by all!

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