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Bristol Vegan Fayre 2006

Vegan Bodybuilding & the Mr World Bodybuilding contest...

The talks...

The World Vegan Shoulder Press Contest 2006...

Vegan Bodybuilding & the Mr World Bodybuilding contest

The 2006 Bristol was a bit of a hurried rush about. Without Robbie Hazeley onboard to do posing & talking at the show, it was a major disaster to the show (but a great event for vegan bodybuilding!) when he was invited to represent Great Britain in the Mr World bodybuilding contest on the very same day as the Bristol event.

The Talks

After hasty discussions with Tim the organiser (& boss of the vegan company Yaoh foods ), we arranged a new line-up for the day. Getting in Pat Reeves (European Powerlifting Champion, nutritional therapist & raw food vegan - ) to step up for one talk & Mr James, well know vegan weight trainer & character in the vegan movement (Click here for details about James) to help host the other talk.

Both talks went well, but unfortunately we didn't have anyone to get any photos of either event. While James explained some important points about fat-loss, the need for support gear (if any), protein sources (THAT old chestnut :-)& Pat covering injury recovery, Range of motion considerations & benefits of raw fruit & veggies (contrary to rumours me & Pat aren't married, it was just quick printing without thinking by me that left the poster saying "Pete & Pat Reeves" :-)

Of course we had the stall & all thanks to Michael for all his sterling work holding the fort while all the talks, & contest were being held.

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The World vegan shoulder press contest 2006

First of all thanks to Tim at Yaoh foods for all the support & sponsoring the Shoulder press event. Without all their help the vegan strength calendar would be a very empty place! Thanks guys! So, all you strength nuts out there go check out Yaoh & help them keep the vegan strength movement growing by buying their yummy, healthy hemp products!

Next up was the one most people were waiting for the Second World Vegan Shoulder Press Contest

With no Robbie to preside over the judging & Tim (of Yaoh) unable to do his usual job of MCing we called on the services of Kate Cooke winner of the 2005 World vegan Shoulder Press contest to take control of the mic & run events. Unfortunately Kate was unable to defend her title, but she did a sterling job running the Vegan Health & fitness area of this years Bristol Vegan Fayre, keeping all the talks on time, & events going smoothing (well done Kate!)

Kate & kids from 2005 contest
Champion of the vegan health & fitness area
at the 2006 Bristol vegan fayre!

Although we had counters, the crowd decided to take over the job of counting, & the whole venue reverberated to the counts of dozens of spectators as the contest got underway.

With 9 men & 6 women. The contest had grown from last years event. As we found out the repetitions managed by the competitors had gone up some as well (have they been practicing :-).

As we are an ever-polite crew, "ladies first" was how we ran the contest...

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The Women

The women lifted an 8Kg dumbbell

Jazenka Tudor 15 reps

Teresa 18 reps

Mary Brady-Lea 20 reps

Tara Sykes 20 reps

Ann Daly 21 reps

Jo Perkins 25 reps

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This year we'd managed to get Tim to get Trophies for the winners & medals for second & third for both male & female, but Mary & Tara were tied for third, so it was left handed reps to decide the third place!

Third place tie-beaker- the left handed press

Mary Brady-Lea 17 reps left handed

Tara Sykes 18 reps left handed

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The men

The men lifted a 15Kg dumbbell

I've put a picture of Wedjy from last years event as he came a cropper & had to pull out before I got a picture of him. He did 2 reps before he had to withdraw. After the contest he came back & in front of me & several others knocked out an easy 18 reps & was annoyed that he'd stumbled during the actual contest & had to pull out (you're a great competitor mate & I hope this doesn't put you off future events. We'd miss you!)

Dom Spens 10 reps (using a "unique" form-does this help you get more reps?)

Dave Arnold 18 reps

Dafydd Llwyd 19 reps

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James Southwood 20 reps

Gary Marsh 20 reps

Adrian White 21 reps

Mike Ros 30 reps

Terry 30 reps

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This time we had a real cliff hanger with last years victor Mike & Terry neck & neck for first place, it came down the dreaded left-handed press to decide the winner!

Men's tie-breaker for 1st Place!!!

Mike Ros 17 reps left handed

Terry 24 reps left handed

The Medals were awarded by Powerlifting Champion Pat Reeves & the results were -

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Women's results

In 3rd place was Tara Sykes with 20 reps (18 left handed)

In 2nd place was Ann Daly with 21 reps

In 1st place was Jo Perkins with 25 reps

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Men's results

In 3rd place was Adrian White with 21 reps

A very close 2nd place went to Mike Ros with 30 reps (17 reps left handed)

In 1st place was Terry with 30 reps (24 reps left handed)

1st & 2nd showing great sportsmanship

All the competitors did fantastically well & next years event looks to be a very tight run thing, so start your training now if you want to lift the trophy in 2007!

Special thanks to Maz for spotting the event.

He's not called Maz the gob for nothing :-)

Also thanks to Mark & Michael for checking scores, & to Pat Reeves for Judging the lifts & giving out the trophies & of course Tim & Yaoh foods for sponsoring our event once again & organising the Bristol Vegan Fayre 2006 & for being a fab geezer!

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