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Bristol Vegan Fayre 2007


Gary Talks...

World Vegan Shoulder Press 2007...



The Winners...

The Half Monty...

Rubber Ritchie...


Not everyone likes vegans...


We started our journey at 5am as some of the crew were also helping with setting up the event, stewarding, collecting for our local wildlife ambulance & other jobs over the weekend.  Me, well I was running two stalls, organising a talk & two contests for the event, so everyone knew we were in for some hard work!

The day was blistering as we set up the stalls.  We had one of our own & also one for Robert Cheeke's Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness (we parallel each others work, him working in the US, me in the UK & Europe).  Unfortunately, we didn't receive all of Roberts stuff from the US in time to have out on the stalls, so although we had a selection of shirts, the DVD's & some other shirts & vests were missing from his stall over the weekend.

Here we see Susie & David who also helped with the Sussex University anti-vivisection stall next door as well!

Gary Talks

I was due to talk for the show, but Gary was very keen to step up, so I thought, as everyone had probably heard enough from me, then maybe getting some other peoples views across would be a breath of fresh air for the talk.  Gary's training philosophy is quite different from my own, so getting different training viewpoints allows listeners a choice of training protocols (as we know there isn't any single training method that works for everyone)

Gary did a good job of getting his training methods across & giving everyone some hints on correct form.  He also helped out several people who had details about training & diet they didn't understand.  I expect we'll be seeing more of Gary in the training world as his reputation develops.

World Vegan Shoulder Press 2007

For our next event we had to rush over to the acoustic stage where we holding the Shoulder Press competition.  This year it was decided to have the event as a seated affair as last year we had some issues with side-bend & push-pressing (that is using the legs to aid in the initial push up).  As it turned out the sheer size of the Bristol fayre & all the events worked against us as although we had many people expected at the event many had been unable to get to the event, so it was a much smaller than usual turnout, but what we lost in numbers we more than made up for in quality of competitors


The female event was left to Kay to show what it takes for a female to develop true vegan power!  Even without any competition she still managed to crank out 14 good reps, an impressive number by anyone's standard.

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The male event was a little better attended with five strong lads entering the contest.  Most of them where old-time vegan bodybuilding contestants & all of them gave a great showing with good power & technique:


Gareth Zeal 19 reps


James Southwood 14 reps

Mike Ross 30 reps

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Dave Arnold 17 reps

James Richardson 1 rep

The Winners

The winners both received a £50 hamper from the Bristol vegan fayre sponsors & a T-shirt of their choice from Robert Cheeke's Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness

Kay won a fantastic shirt

Mike won his second shirt as he'd bought one earlier in the day!

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The Half Monty

The half Monty was an idea dreamed up by Tim of Yaoh foods (& organiser of the Bristol vegan fayre).  The idea being that some blokes get their tops off & the winner was the one who got the most cheers.  I hadn't fancied entering myself as I'm not cutting-up over 2007 & so look a little like a beached whale, with no abs or definition, but unfortunately Tim had other ideas so I was forced onto the stage.  I bumped into our own Anthony Aurelius just before the contest, but he wasn't in shape so declined to enter, which was a shame as his "not in shape" is most of our buff as we'd like to get!

Thankfully I went on before James Southwood who did a really fantastic Martial Arts Stylie routine & looked mega-cool (he is a Savate Champion, so I suppose I should have expected it) & Tim who can always get a crowd roaring, so my vague jiggling of loose flab didn't spoil things too much.  But even these two fantastic acts (& me) where totally upstaged by the arrival of an unexpected entrant the infamous, scourge of meat-eaters everywhere, the vegan super hero Wonderpig! 

With Wonderpig on the stage we all knew we'd been over-shadowed & the winner was standing before us & with their win assured Wonderpig took-off to do their next super-act of vegan kindness!

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Rubber Ritchie

One of the busiest blokes of the fayre was vegan bodybuildings own Rubber Ritchie who it seemed was always in knots throughout the whole of the two day festival!  For those of you who don't know Rubber Ritchie is one of the best contortionist in the country & his 'Flex in the city' act really has to be seen to be believed! (for more on Rubber Ritchie or to book him check out his  Flex in the City website).  Ritchie is also one of the nicest blokes you are likely to meet.


That's right!  The festival had it's very own Pirate in the the form of Tony 'peg-leg' Bishop-Weston (AH HAAA!)

Not everyone likes vegans!

Although, on the whole Bristol is a very welcoming, vegan-friendly place we did notice the odd local who had a problem with vegans (hee hee)

Don't worry Susie Survived!  The beetle was ill for a bit, but is thought to be doing
fine & is now convinced that eating vegan food (rather than vegans) is safest for the
digestion :-)

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