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Bristol Vegan Fayre 2009

Robbie & Gary doing the VBB stall


Sunday Morning  (it's all about hard work ;-)...

Tim's new Radio...

Enter the VBB crew...


Shoulder press contest...

Women's contest...

Men's contest...





Our adventure at the Bristol vegan fayre started on the Friday evening as we collected a van full of volunteers from Brighton & set off on what turned out to be over 6 & a half hours crawling along roads in slow moving traffic.  It wasn't until the early hours of Saturday morning that we finally struggled our way into Bristol.

We were put up in the the most fantastic home of Alv & Paul.  An ace couple who kept us in the lap of luxury for the whole weekend!

Paul & Alv in the wee hours of the morning

After much too little sleep we were up & ready for the day.  We arrived at dawn & helped with the opening up of the fayre.  Carrying barriers & helping the other stall holders carry in their stuff is easy stuff to the crew.  The lack of sleep was a bit more tough for some (I myself need my sleep to function at 100%), but eventually we got everyone put in their place & it was time to get on with the day itself!

As all our events were on Sunday, Saturday was a slower day for us.  Giving us time to take breaks, meet up with old friends like Rubber Ritchie, James Southwood & Jamie (yes, you were quite drunk Jamie :-).  Although not quite so hectic in terms of things to do we had moments of..well..oddness.  Like chasing the man (known only as 'knob-head' - the only word he seemed to be able to speak) when he stumbled on a radio lost by Tim, the guy in charge of the fayre & in a drunken state cycled around the area repeating the famous phrase 'Knob-head' over & over into the radio until he got tired & gave it back to us, & catching some guys climbing OUT of the fayre who then went on to slap each other silly because they'd 'been bad' for not leaving via the gate?  All the usual oddness that goes on at events like this.

Our day ended late as we left last after closing up the fayre for the night then stumbled back to our beds, again in the early hours of the morning.

Sunday morning (it's all about hard work ;-)

Sunday morning & at dawn we again woke MUCH too early.  As I said I'm not so good without a good sleep & cumulative sleep deprivation wears me down pretty quickly, so a second early rise wasn't my idea of fun, but still, someone had to open the fayre!  It was kind of lucky we made it to the fayre as upon our arrival we found that we were the only people who'd made it to the Sunday opening!

Where is everybody?

Still being productive types we got straight to work :-)

Tim's new radio

then Maz finally got down to the serious effort of the day :-) ...that is making a 'new, improved' radio for Tim, one that he could lose without worry

Maz field tests the new radio
Tim's new radio ready for action

Tim enjoys the new radio

Yes, we did also get the fayre open in time (just about!).  Then it was down to our main day with a talk & shoulder press contest to look forward to later in the day.

Enter the VBB crew!

Sunday was the day most of the regular VBB crew came along.  First of the new arrivals was Anthony arriving to do a talk & get some filming done for veggie vision

Anthony & Coach Gary in biceps wars!

Anthony recently launched his choi-bo method of training & exercise for those interested in a form of non-contact martial art style of training.

Robbie & Michael arrived soon after, then the quite recently married James made it along to add even more mass to the day

Coach Gary, Pete & James

James & Anthony

James & Pete


Our first event was the talk with me & Robbie Hazeley.  I must confess I felt I wasn't on best form due to tiredness, but luckily I could defer most of the talking to Robbie on the day & he was more than able to answer the bulk of the queries on the day & did an ace job pulling in the slack I felt I'd left at my end of the talk.

Shoulder Press contest

Now came the main event of the day-the one most of the people had turned up to see.

First off we'd like to thank everyone who sponsored the event & to let you know these guys are helping to spread the word about vegan strength & fitness so take the time to check them out & buy from them when you need the products they are supplying, by doing that you'll keep them in a position to support events like this fayre, our contests & highlighting veganism as a positive lifestyle choice! (Ed note: bear in mind that some of the companies are not 100% vegan, so always check ingredients before you buy)

First off I'd like to give an extra thanks to the girls at the Lush stall as they helped drag over the first few women who entered the contest-THANKS!

Lush - cosmetics

Plamil - fake 'milks', 'chocolate', mayo & other products

Chunkies - jerky-style snack

Provamel - fake 'meats' & 'dairy'

Beanies - fake 'meats' & other fake products

Veganicity - supplements

Cook Vegetarian - vegetarian magazine

Brunel Healthcare  - supplements

Beckett's Vineyard - Wines & soft drinks

Nakd - snack bar

Good oil - Healthy Oil

My handmade soaps - soap

Cress - supplements, protein powder & other products

Vitazyme - supplements

Sheese - fake 'cheese'

Shoulder press contest

This year the contest was held on the 'lighthouse' just beside the main stage & was the main attraction before the main band of the evening.  Thanks has to go to Maz for his sterling work MCing the event & getting the crowd involved in the whole thing, counting along & cheering.  Thanks also to Robbie Hazeley & Coach Gary for their work counting reps & keeping an eye on form.

Women's contest

First off we do have one apology to make.  Due to a miscommunication between one of the female competitors & Gary it wasn't made clear that she was left handed & was forced to compete with the right.  The mix-up was only discovered later in the evening.  We are all really sorry about the mistake.  As she was forced to use her weaker arm Sophie could have won the event outright if she'd been given a chance with her stronger arm.

The weight used for the contest was about 7Kg (including the weight of the dumbbell rod)

Sophie 15 reps

Linda 8 reps

Sara 23 reps

Diane 20 reps

Alexa 15 reps

Heidi 25 reps

Rose 23 reps

All the women did amazingly well & really showed some vegan power!

Men's contest

After winning just about all the contests over the last few years all eyes were on Dave Arnold to see if he could remain the unbeaten King of vegan athletes, but we all knew this event wasn't his speciality, so could someone take down the king?

The weight used was approx 16.5Kg (including the weight of the metal dumbbell rod)

Graham 20 reps

Russell 1 rep

Phil 27 reps

Jeremy 6 reps

Dave 12 (with his weak arm)

Nathan 15 reps

Seb 20 reps
Rudee 13 reps

Paul 8 reps

Jamie 14 reps

Justin 8 reps

Harald 14 reps

Phil 12 reps

Mike 6 reps

As it turns out Dave Arnold had to try & compete with his weak arm as an injury to the shoulder had been causing him some issues.  The other shock of the men's event was Peter from vegan runners getting no reps.  This shocked us all as earlier in the day he'd come to stall & easily repped out with the same weight!  One of those freak things that can happen during a contest.  I bet straight after the show he could have done it again easily, as earlier in the day it hadn't been a problem.

The Winners

Heidi with her trophy

Phil with his trophy

After the event we all went back to our stall & everyone who entered got prizes.  Each picking prizes from the sponsors of the event until they all had as much as they could carry & the table was bare!  Once again I'd like to thank the sponsors of the event again for supplying us with so many gifts & I urge everyone reading to go & check out their goodies as the people entering the contests soon snapped up the fab prizes.  I'll add the links again below, so take 5 minutes & check them out!


Lush - cosmetics

Plamil - fake 'milks', 'chocolate', mayo & other products

Chunkies - jerky-style snack

Provamel - fake 'meats' & 'dairy'

Beanies - fake 'meats' & other fake products

Veganicity - supplements

Cook Vegetarian - vegetarian magazine

Brunel Healthcare  - supplements

Beckett's Vineyard - Wines & soft drinks

Nakd - snack bar

Good oil - Healthy Oil

My handmade soaps - soap

Cress - supplements, protein powder & other products

Vitazyme - supplements

Sheese - fake 'cheese'


Although there were some issues towards the end of the fayre, for the majority of the fayre we had a fab time, met some amazing people & managed to maybe make a few people think about their lifestyle choices.  Again I need to thank Maz, Robbie, Michael, Coach Gary, the bods at the site office, Alv & Paul for showing us the high life & everyone who came along to the stall, went to the talk, or was a contestant or spectator at the shoulder press go check out those sponsors ;-)

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