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Dean Howells  profile. Diet for a vegan footballer





 My diet in general...

 Pre-match diet...


Hi, my name is Dean Howell; I am 31 and a professional footballer currently playing for Crawley town F.C. in league 2. I have been a vegan for 7 years. Whilst I have been a vegan I have enjoyed the most successful period in my career. To be honest, I’m considered to be a lower league football journeyman. I’ve played for many clubs and failed to settle at any until my move to Crawley. This is mainly down to reoccurring injury problems.  From my own personal experiences and self education in health, Illness/injury is most definitely connected to poor nutrition.

Many people are interested in why I changed my diet. Well, my injury problems were a key factor but the death of my beloved Nana to cancer was a real turning point in my life. I always questioned the quality of the foods we are conditioned to eat from youth and as my nana never smoked or touched alcohol, I felt strongly food was the root cause of her death.

For 7 years I have been on a journey of self education. The years of research have been put into practice to achieve an optimum level of vibrant health.

My diet is really quite simple. I eat alkaline foods. I discovered that 90% of people are living an on an acid based diet. Alkaline foods are simply foods provided to us from nature such as herbs, fruits, vegetables and natural grains. I learned about the importance of P.H (potential of hydrogen) and the P.H chart. The chart ranges from 0-14 with 7 being neutral. Any food or beverage with a P.H above 7 is alkaline, below 7 acidic. Acid foods are manmade and affecting the health of people regularly consuming them. It makes sense to me to eat alkaline food because by design the human body is alkaline. We are organic, electrical being’s so it’s only right to feed the body organic, electrical food. When I understood meat and dairy products were the most acidic foods they were cut from my diet immediately. The results were almost instant. Our bodies are composed of 102 minerals and I found if I supplied my body with a diet rich in minerals then every aspect of my training improved. My speed, energy, flexibility, stamina and recovery time improved and I gained extra strength in my bones and joints to help prevent injury. I have progressed from a lot of time spent on the treatment table to now hardly missing a game.

In March of last year I decided people needed to learn and understand the true potential of natural electric plant based herbs. I set up an informative website to bring the products I used to the mainstream market. My website address is I have detailed only a small amount of my knowledge in this profile, so if you would like to log on and learn more about the alkaline concept of diet and my philosophy on health and well being please feel free to do so.

For me, football is just my job. Revolution foods is my passion. It’s exciting to be involved in a business that can help and inspire people. The feedback I have received from people has been really positive. A whole variety of people take revolution foods products ranging from the health conscious to people seeking improved health. Many of my fellow professionals from the premier league down to the lower leagues are feeling the benefits. In fact, many sportsmen/women are customers ranging from boxers to competitors from the G.B ironman team.


In this section of my profile I would like to explain a little about the foods I eat that keep me at an optimum level of fitness and aid speedy recovery.


The most frequently asked question to me is how do I get protein into my body. That answer quite simply is by eating plants. We have a similar make up to a plant in that we are a living organism that requires oxygen, water, sunlight and minerals to survive. It makes perfect sense to me to supply the body with all of these living elements. Plant based protein contains all of the essential amino acids that the body recognises and assimilates in perfect sync with our bio chemistry. Many plant proteins contain the 8 amino acids our body require but don’t naturally produce. Hemp protein, Chlorella, Spirulina and quinoa are my plant protein sources. Quinoa in particular is an amazing natural, alkaline, gluten free food that is a complete protein. I eat Quinoa as a substitute for the acid forming grains, wheat, barley, corn, and rice. I totally avoid any soya products. Again, I researched soya and whilst it will provide protein I discovered it is a hybridised bean that is acidic. (Creates acid in the body) A study in 2010 found 93% of soya beans are genetically modified. It is inorganic and heavily intoxicated with pesticides. By comparison, Hemp is far superior and has more digestible protein.


By design the body is electric. Every herb I eat is CARBON-HYDROGEN-OXYGEN based and provides me with terrific energy. Carbon-hydrogen-oxygen is the chemistry of life. Herbs that are high in Iron are vital as its magnetic nature supply’s oxygen to the bloodstream so is important for my fitness. The electrical nature of Iron makes it important for brain function. This is crucial in my profession as I am required to be sharp minded and make quick decisions. Every herb I eat has a high Iron content because they are completely natural.

On a daily basis I take moringa powder and spirulina as an energy source to help me train and play matches. I avoid all food or drinks loaded with sugar and opt for the plant based sweeteners agave and maple nectars that have an alkalizing effect on the body. I particularly like raw cacao and maca drink with agave.

I gain most of my energy from drinking high energy alkaline water. I avoid every overhyped energy drink that provides short term gain and long term damage. Unless water is straight from source it is effectively lifeless. I use a water ionizing product that naturally charges and electrifies the water through a natural mineral filter process. The P.H of the water is raised to a level of 9.5 and above. I drink 4-5 litres of water daily and class it as my most important energy source. We sell our AOGI water ionising products on the website and are much recommended.


If I don’t have a game we will train most days throughout a season. Along with rest, nutrition is important for my recuperation. The herbs I mentioned for protein are important to help build and repair muscle. The best herbs I eat for recovery and my overall health in general are Irish moss and bladderack. They are sea herbs and provide my body with 92 minerals. Irish moss supplies the body with organic natural calcium that has a P.H of 14. Since I have been eating Irish moss and bladderack my whole skeletal system has strengthened dramatically and my ligaments and connective tissues are so much stronger. Recovery is just one of the many benefits Irish moss and bladderack provide to me.

 My Diet in general.

Aside from the herbs I have mentioned, I eat a lot of organic fruit and vegetables. I have a power smoothie on the recipes section of the website which I have before training each day. I avoid the club canteen as none of the food served are in conjunction with my diet. I will take fruit to training and eat when I return home. Alkaline leafy greens are a regular part of my diet. I eat spelt pasta instead of regular pasta and a lot of quinoa as I have already mentioned. I don’t eat a great deal of bread but when I do I replace wheat with spelt or rye bread.

My pre match Diet


1 and a half litres of alkaline water.

A cacao and maca powder drink with agave nectar.

A heaped teaspoon of Irish moss, bladderack and moringa powder.

Lunch (3-4 hrs before kickoff)

Spelt pasta and Quinoa mixed with kale, spinach, broccoli, cucumber and avocado.

2 hrs before kickoff

Jam on toast (spelt or rye bread)

1 mango

1 handful of goji berries

4-5 dates

1 teaspoon of spirulina powder.

After breakfast I will drink 2 litres of alkaline water up until kick off.


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