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Gloucester Veggie Fayre 2006


Pat Reeves...

Gary's Talk...

World Vegan Dumbbell Curling Championship 2006...



We had an early start for the Gloucester fayre as me & Mr Maz had to commute by train to our lift, so as the first few rays of the sun lit the sky we were off to the station for fun & frolics with the vegan strength & fitness crew!

Arriving we found the venue was ace, the only down side was it was right next to a swimming pool & as we'd find out the temperature would soar during what must have been one of the hottest day this year!

We had planned some talks & the dumbbell curling contest. The contest was to take place at 4 O'clock. The exact time of the England quarter final kick-off, something had to be done! All credit to the organiser Chris, he managed to change the contest time to 3.30, so we could get it done in time for the footie!

Mr James & young Gary manning the VBB stall

We were lucky enough to be set up next to the vegan fitness stall, so they helped keep us entertained throughout the day

Pat Reeves Talk

First talk of the day by a VBB favourite was the one by Pat Reeves who has just returned from successfully defending her European Powerlifting title (World's next Pat-We want a World Powerlifting Champion who's vegan!  PS she got the World's since this report!). She gave a great talk about health & nutrition in the sweltering heat.

Gary's Talk

I missed James Southwood's talk (British Savate Champion), so unfortunately no pictures (for more about Savate, a form of Kickboxing Click Here ), but next on the strength/fitness front was our very own Gary giving a great talk about goal setting for any sport or event (or indeed any project like weight loss etc). Nice one Gary!

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World Vegan Dumbbell Curl Championship 2006

Sponsored by Yaoh foods! Spend a few minutes to check out their range of Hemp products, so they can keep on supporting the vegan movement! & Natural Balance Foods for their yummy range of natural bars


By now the heat was incredible & the dumbbell curling contest was about to start. Any contestant willing to brave these temperatures in contest should get full respect, it was like an oven as the contest got underway. With Trophies supplied by us at & Yaoh foods supplying £25 for both male & female winner to donate to their favourite charity.

Kate (the Judge for the contest) gave a fab demonstration of acceptable form for the entrants

Women's Contest

First up were the ladies - they had to curl a 7Kg dumbbell. There were 7 participants

Fran Stockley managed a healthy 12 reps

Billy (of Vegan Fitness & Dogs kitchen fame) managed 18 reps (nice one Billy!), but asked not to be photographed (bet she wished she did now she knows she got a whopping 18 first go!)

Helen Greenhalgh got an impressive 21 reps

Helen got a massive 23 reps (Kate being strict with Helen in the last picture :-)

Smiley Linda Fleming got a third place with 29 reps

In second place was the incredibly strong Diana Elliot with 37 reps

Jo (the crane)Perkins got an unimaginable 41 reps

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Men's Contest

The men's event consisted of 9 men curling 12Kg

Damian (of veggie pets fame) did a great 10 reps

Dan (who does NO formal training!) also got 10 reps

Using the best form of the male entrants Gary got a healthy 14 reps

Chris got a very strong 15 reps


Dom was one ahead of Chris with 16 reps

James Southwood tied in third place with 20 reps

Making a fantastic return after his disaster in the shoulder press at the Bristol Fayre Wejdy Aesa made joint third with James also on 20 reps (Well done mate!)

Coming in Second was Dan with an amazing 21 reps

Ruben came first with an unbelievable 30 reps!

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Unfortunately we only had a first place trophy so only the winners were recognised this year (something we'll have to rectify next year)

Women's results


3rd Place Linda Fleming

2nd Place Diana Elliot

1st Place was the unstoppable Jo Perkins (come-on ladies we need to give her some competition!)

Men's results

3rd Place was a tie between Wejdy Aesa & James Southwood

2nd Place Dan

1st Place was Ruben


Special thanks to Kate Cooke for showing the competitors proper form & keeping them in check, to Maz for spotting the contest, to the brave participants for competing in the extreme heat (!), Gary for doing the talk at such short notice, Mr James for driving us, all the VBB & VF crew & to Chris for putting it all on! I had a great day

Not to forget Yaoh & Natural Balance for their continued support


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