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Where to Obtain your Healthy Food Supply

By Pat Reeves DN. DthD. BSY.Kin. BSY.Alex.BSY.Mag. BSY.Advanced Biochemic Med.

Most people in the western world no longer grow the food they eat. Rather food is (mass) produced by an anonymous third-party, and offered as a service. The majority of people purchase their food from a single supermarket through a combination of habit and convenience.

Supermarkets vary greatly in the amount of organic food and related health food products they provide. If you are lucky, your local, current provider will be able to supply you with all the foods you require – you just need to choose them!

If your current food supply does not have the range of freshly produced organic food that you desire, you might want to consider supplementing your supply with a specialist organic food supplier. I have one in my area I recommend to my local clients that visit me, they have a web site where you can choose from a great selection online and have it delivered to your door.

If you are outside their catchment area, have a look at the type of service they offer so you know what to look for in another company closer to home. If you find a good supplier that you would recommend to other people, please let me know and I will update my site to link to it to help other readers.

STOP PRESS: hlorganics have just introduced a national delivery service.

Food supplements
As well as finding sources of fresh, organic food, people often ask me for advice on where to get their food supplements. There are a number of good suppliers in the UK - one I use myself and recommend is Savant who also supply the excellent Udo Oils.

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