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London Vegan Festival 2004

The Vegan Bodybuilding crew

L to R Scrapper, Pete, Jon, Robbie & 2 bellies

London on Sunday 4 July heralded the arrival of the VBB crew to yet another adventure in the "real world". The festival was at a much bigger venue this, so we didn't suffer the over-crowding of previous years, but even so things were certainly busy! We met a lot of new faces, & happily a lot of faces from last years festival who had gone home & taken control of their lives, health & fitness, & had made some obvious improvements since 12 months ago.

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All ages were interested in getting involved in getting strong with weights

At about 2 O'clock Robbie Hazeley gave a fascinating talk about Vegan Bodybuilding & at the end I (Pete) had the "pleasure" of demonstrating some exercises to the stragglers who wanted pointers on exercise form! The room was about twice as full as the previous year when Pat Reeves (Powerlifter) gave her talk, & the great part was that several of the people at this Robbie's talk had taken up training directly because of our speakers last year! It was only a shame that the talk was too short, being only able to cover the basics of training & hardly getting chance to touch upon nutrition, rest & recovery before the organisers prized a fascinated crowd out of the room.

Scrapper takes a break while Jon Poses for the camera

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Most memorable events for me (other than Robbies talk!) was meeting Chris, a vegetarian bodybuider, who came along last year & took lots of stuff from the stall. This year he was back, & we were happy to find that the big guy was down to one vegetarian "cheat meal" a week, the rest was vegan (& the veggie cheat was going soon!). he bought a few of Robbie's Vegan Power T-shirts & stayed to chat about his plans (& showed us some awesome pictures of him in contest too).

Also there was the guy who just passed the stall & came very close to closing the CoC #3 gripper before ambling off as if it was nothing!

Scrapper at her best :-)

I was lucky enough to meet Oak & Tom from the Vegan Fitness board, but it seems that I missed several other characters I know from e-mail, but not in the flesh (which is a real shame). It was also a shame that Neil (vegan of the year 2004 & editor of arcnews, the is it vegan website & realfood etc etc) couldn't be there as he was sick, but at least Mary & Séamus got to run the Real food stall nearby, so we caught up on all the gossip & found out how he was doing.

A tired Jon glad to be heading home

By the end, it was a a very tired group that said there farewells & set off on their seperate ways. Hopefully the other stalls we do this year will go as well as this one did.

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