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London Vegan Festival 2008

Well here we are back now from another exciting adventure at the 2008 vegan festival in London.  it was certainly a packed show this year, with more people than ever, by the looks of the crowds.

London Vegan Festival 2008

This year we did something a little bit different, so I bought along a dynamometer (grip measuring device), so we could have some fun comparing grips.

Test your grip up to 110Kg squeeze (which turned out to be too low for some of the guys!)

Sorry there are no pictures of every entrant, but considering we had over 70 men & over 60 females (as well as several under 16's as well), it would be a pretty long page to put everyone up there!

On the stall we had a fun time with a surprise visit from the current 2008 over 50's Mr UK, over 50's Mr Great Britain & 7th in the over 50's class on the Mr World Robbie Hazeley, Timbo the vegan main-man of the South West, fabulous K & myself

K, Robbie & Tim

Robbie, Pete & Tim

Special thanks of course goes to the ever smiling Maz the Gob for finding us gifts for the contest, helping on the stall & generally being about to help anyone in the festival that needed a hand

The ever-smiling maz :-)

Maz who will be giving his views on life, liberty & everything vegan in the new magazine "Off the Hoof" (I'd buy it just for that!) was on hand all day helping all those & as usual his quiet, unassuming self :-)

The London vegan festival ends a little later than most vegan events & I think we made a 'tactical error' leaving the final result until 6PM.

During the day we had no less than 12 males getting 100Kg (the max on the machine), so congratulations to:

Mike Ros

Paul Gorman

Ben Chrisholm

Steve F

Anthony Aurelius

Simon Johnson

Tom Wood



Chris B

Rob Hill


& the females:

Tracey 62.4 (we used a point system that meant every increment after the number was classed as 0.1, as it was easier to write down quickly,, so she'd be near the 70Kg mark)

Philippa who got 62.3

Sophie who got 62

Agmeszka (sp?) 62

K 62

Unfortunately by 6PM a lot of the early entrants had left the festival, so the prizes went to the top male & female still in attendance at 6PM, so the prizes went to:

Mike & K

Mike Ros who maxed out the dynamometer & K who go 62

& just because we thought he looked like Judge Dredd here's another picture of Mike :-)

Gives a new meaning to Vegan Police!

Here's Liz & her long suffering mum Mags who had the daunting job of dragging Maz away from the festival at the end (we all know how he loves these festivals!), that's after a hard day working on the Home & Abroad stall raising money to help dogs in Sri Lanka.

A great day was had by all & thanks to Alison & everyone who took the time to put the festival on for us!

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