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London Vegan Festival 2009

Surprisingly with all the train & tube disruption we made it to Kensington Town hall on time for the show (just!) & got everything ready just as they opened the doors.

Coach Gary, Marion & half a Tee
Coach Gary, Marion & Half a Tee in charge of the VBB stall

This year we stayed with the trusty dynamometer for the women, but as quite a few men had beaten it last year this year we brought along the Vulcan adjustable hand gripper for them to test their strength against.


Vulcan gripper
Vulcan adjustable gripper

 The main event of the day though was Coach Gary Verses Tee in the London Big Biceps arm wrestling face-off 2009 ...yes it was a true battle of the sexes with Coach Gary & Tee head to head in in a war of epic proportions!

What Tee is going to do to Coach Gary in the arm wrestling contest!
Tee demonstrates what she's going to do to Coach Gary when she arm wrestles out Gary!

So the stage was set & we nervously looked on as slightly worried looking Coach Gary gets himself ready to put that arm down & do battle!

The stage is set
The final smiles before the battle commences!

In a battle that would have worried Rob Bigwood (Rob is by far THE best vegan arm wrestler in the world today check him out here for details about arm wrestling in a vegan diet) they fought to see who'd got the best the best arm grappling technique.  Who won..that's what you're wondering? ...well to be honest Gary did have some arm strength advantage, but as they'd agreed you had to but the hand down & Tee's wrist just wouldn't bend then technically we had to say it was a draw, I'm sure a proper arm wrestler would have done the rules quite differently to our made-up ones, but it was an entertaining event to watch Gary struggling to get her wrist down & Tee just keeping it up :-).  Then again Tee is surprisingly tough cookie for someone in such a small package so maybe next time she'll beat him!

With that excitement over we got back to the gripping & 'gripping' it was with two women getting 62 or over on the dynanometer & a nail biting men's contest with at least 9 men in the joint lead until the last few moments when one man finally showed them that he was King of the grip!  It was exciting stuff!

As there were at least 60 men & over 80 women in the event we only had pictures of the prize giving which we held at 6 O'clock so many of the entrants had left the event, so unfortunately not everyone who deserved it got a prize, but we did easily have enough people to make sure everyone got at least one prize who was still there at 6 O'clock.  I'd like to take a moment to thank the sponsors of the event who graciously gave us prizes for the contest.

Vegan Views (a vegan magazine)

Good Oil (healthy oils)

I am natural (Hand made organic Skin care)

The Chocolate heart (chocolate goodies)

Essential trading co-op (all sorts of food stuffs)

Ethically Essential (all sorts of foods)

Plamil foods (totally vegan company selling chocolate, soya milk, mayo & many other foods)

Animal Aid (Charity working towards ending all animal abuse)

Secret society of vegans (vegan clothing & food)

Conscious Chocolate (chocolate makers)

Honesty cosmetics (vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics)

Vegan Store (online vegan shopping)

Hipo Hyfryd (chocolate & recipe books)

Hemp Power (all sorts of hemp products)

remember to please take a moment to go & check out any of the above sponsors that interest you as they help make our events the success they are!

Female winner was the lovely Liz from  Home & Abroad who as well as working to help dogs in Sri Lanka has a massively good grip!

Liz wins the gripping
Liz grips her way to a tub of Essential chocolate spread

& for the men it was the Mighty Mike Ros who squeezed out the opposition to be crowd grip king

Mike Ros
Mike Ros enjoys his Hemp power prize

Here's a few of the other people who all did really well, but didn't quite make the top spot (maybe next year?)

Kay who came a close second

...& finally here's a quick snap of Rachel who was taking the pictures....but bless....didn't realise how short she really was when she tried to take a picture of herself :-)

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