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Kettlebell Training and a Plant Based Diet

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In thirty years of physical fitness training I’ve seen and used dozens of different methods and training tools. Some I’ve ignored, some I’ve thrown away and some have stood the test of time. Training with kettlebells and the associated protocols are by far the most outstanding and effective training tools I’ve ever come across. With correct use they will deliver dramatic increases in useful strength, balance, speed, power, timing and extraordinary body awareness.
The human body is a high performance organism, or so it should be, and it requires a constant stream of high-performance nutrition to fuel your fitness and aid your recovery. Food does two things; it heals and provides the body with nourishment. Too many people are blinkered into a weight loss or fat loss program and think about food in its component parts or how many calories it contains. Thinking like is anti-fitness and it will hold you back from having vibrant health and vitality.
Eating a plant-based diet will open up new horizons and allow you to escape from all the diets and fads that have been holding you back from being truly healthy. Instead the focus should be on health and fitness performance by eating nutrient-dense, real, clean food; focussing on fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. No fads, no gimmicks.
I train with kettlebells almost daily and my body fuel is plant-based; allowing me to smash through plateaus, rid myself of joint pain, and make me feel young again with new possibilities for my health, fitness and vitality emerging daily.

“Strengthen the Body, Strengthen the Spirit”

Mike Eves

Mike doing a get-up

• IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer
• NASM Natural Fitness Trainer

About Mike Eves

Mike represented his county in Judo at junior and senior level during the 1980s and today, at the age of 45, he is stronger, fitter and has more energy than he had over 25 years ago and is showing no signs of stopping. By connecting the body to its natural instincts of whole body exercise and plant-based nutrition, Mike believes his best is yet to come.

Mike lives in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire with his wife and two teenage boys who have won medals in UK Sportshall Athletics Finals. Mike offers kettlebell workshops and highly effective personal training using whole-body fitness skills, backed up by high-nutrient eating. Mike is a certified IKFF kettlebell trainer and NASM Natural Fitness trainer, specialising in kettlebells, suspension training, med ball training, resistance cables, Eischens Yoga and body weight exercises, including coaching on handstands.

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