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Mike Mahler


Mike Mahler is a strength and conditioning coach based in Mclean, VA and Santa Monica, CA. Mike has been a strength athlete for over ten years and is a Senior level certified kettlebell instructor. The Senior level classification means that Mike has assisted in certifying aspiring kettlebell instructors. Mike has done over twenty kettlebell workshops in the past year across the US and overseas in London, England. Mike is considered by many to be the most experienced kettlebell instructor in the US.

In addition to working with athletes around the world, Mike has two regular columns in Fightscene Magazine. Also, Mike has written over fifty articles that have been published in magazines such as: Ironman Magazine, Exercise Magazine For Men, Testosterone Magazine,, and Hardcore Muscle Magazine.

Training Style

Mike’s strength training style is focused on making athletes stronger and fa ster and building strength and conditioning that will carry over to various athletic activities. In addition, Mike's style of training emphasizes the importance of developing mental strength and character. While, Mike’s primary focus is working with combat athletes, hundreds of everyday people have benefited from his articles and workshops. If you want to build a great physique and be as strong as you look, then Mike’s Aggressive Strength training is for you

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