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Robbie's 2002 Mr Great Britain Masters

Preparing for the contest...

4 weeks to contest training...

4 weeks to contest diet (pictures)...

4 weeks to contest diet...

Final weeks preparation...

The result...

Preparing for the contest


Robbie started his approach to the 2002 Mr GB competition at the beginning of 2002 with a truly phenomenal mass building program. this continued until about 12 weeks from the contest, then Robbie moved onto a slow cut-up phase where he slowly drop the fat he was carrying to reveal the definition he had been building below.

The first photo is of Robbie at the beginning of the year. The second is of him after a few weeks of cutting-up from his full-bulk size of 15 stone - both weights are 14 stone 4 pounds)

(2 January 2002 & 2 August 2002)

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For pictures of Robbie in training throughout 2002 CLICK HERE

Robbie's last four weeks of training & diet


Here are Robbie's last four weeks of diet & training:


Four weeks from the contest & Robbie keeps his training the same as off-season. He simply increases the CV work to 20 minutes on Stationary bike, 15 minutes on the concept 2 rower, 6 sets of abs & 4 sets of hyper-extensions in the morning on an empty stomach. The Wednesday before the contest (Saturday) he stops all training & focuses on posing 3 times a day for 30 minutes at a time.

Due to the high quantity of raw-vegan food Robbie found that even during the most gruelling phases of his diet he still managed to continue to gain strength!

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Robbie's 4-week contest preparation diet

Below are only the last 4 four weeks of Robbie's cut-up diet. As it turned out he actually peaked about a week after the contest itself as he continued to lean-out & show more definition for a week after the show. This knowledge will be put to good use when he enters future contests.

(4 weeks to contest)

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(3 weeks to contest)

(2 weeks to contest)

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(2 days to contest)

Toward the end of the cutting-up Robbie had some trouble moving the last of the fat from his lower abs. This resulted in him not being in perfect condition for the contest, even so, he came fourth in a very hard fought contest (to give you some idea of the level of competition Brian Conerly (winner) just got his Pro-card & done guest posing at the '02 British Grand Prix & will compete in the '03 Mr Olympia Masters!)

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Robbie's Diet


Upon Rising - 2 pints of water, 1 gram vitamn C, 1 cup green tea - CV work

8.30AM - 1 Nut drink

1/2 hour later 1 pint of water

10.30AM - Melon or 2 grapefruits

1/2 hour after 1 pint of water

1PM - 4 bananas, lettuce, green tea, 1 gram vitamn C

1/2 hour after 1 pint of water

Train at approx 2 PM. Drink plenty of water during training & straight after training have 30 grams of soya protein powder drink

5.30PM -Tofu 50 grams with a large mixed salad, cup of green tea

8PM - 30 grams of soya powder drink

If hungry 1/2 a cup of raisins

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Final week preparations

On the final week (from the Sunday before the contest)Robbie ups his water intake as follows:

Sunday - 6 pints with 4 grams of vitamin C

Monday - 7 pints of water with 4 grams of vitamin C

Tuesday - 8 pints of water with 4 grams of Vitamin C

Wednesday - 9 pints of water with 4 grams of vitamin C

Thursday - 10 pints of water with 5 grams of vitamin C

Friday - 12 pints of water with 12 grams of vitamin C. At 5.30PM on the day before the contest Robbie had a large salad & loaded with carbs from some chips.

Saturday (Show day!):

Breakfast - 30 grams protein drink, 2 bananas, then carbs every hour until 2 hours before the start of the show

30 minutes before going on stage - A bar of dark chocolate & one drink of brandy.

Robbie wishes to make it clear that the final moments of preparation are a very personal thing & everyone will have to try several methods before they stumble upon the perfect method for themselves. By the final weak of dieting you will feel weak, like you have a cold, so having someone(s) to really push you is a real asset.

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The result

Robbie placed a well deserved fourth in a closely fought battle, between some real giants of British bodybuilding.

Robbie appeared on stage at 12 stone 6 pounds with a 29 inch waist. The week after the show he got down to 12 stone 3 pounds with a 28 inch waist & many more noticeable cuts, definition etc.

(The top 4 Victors of the 2002 Mr Great Britain Masters)

He intends to continue his rise though the ranks of amateur bodybuilding to prove once & for all that vegans can get as big & powerful as there meat-eating competitors

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