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Northern Vegan Festival 2016


Curl and press contest...


Female contest...

Male contest...





It was a 4AM start to our journey to the Northern vegan festival. So, blurry eyed, we set off towards the event. It was our first time at this festival, so we weren't sure what to expect? It was also our first time at an event that was in several buildings, so we were unsure what to expect on the day?
It was also my first trip to Manchester, so I was very excited to see the city and meet some new people.
Special thanks needs to go to Syd Barnes who let us post some stuff to him and brought it to the event on the day. Check out Syd's world at
The venue for the festival was actually 2 separate venues. There was a hotel and a church quite close together. I never saw inside the hotel as we were in the church, but the church seemed a reasonable sized venue, if the hotel was comparable, then it was a big event.

Curl and press contests


The event for this show was the curl and press, where you first curl a dumbbell, the press it overhead.  The contest was in the main hall with the stalls. This was our first event without Maz running it.  His voice and organisation skills were missed as I mucked up the video recording of the event, luckily we managed to get stills. Hopefully he will get well enough to return to doing events soon? So, there are less pictures than usual as I completely cocked up the picture taking of the event, which I apologise about.

It is interesting when we go to a new venue that the first year we often have very few entrants, but within a year or 2 we suddenly find dozens of people keen to enter. I do not know why that is, but nearly every new event we do is the same in that respect.


As usual we need you to go and check out our sponsors.  They supply us with goodies for the stall, so you can get prizes at every event. Supporting them is helping the message to get out that vegans can be as healthy, fit, big and strong as those on any other diet, so if you need anything they supply, then check them out.

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Pulsin  - Protein powders, bars and snacks

Chip butty Vegan
Without Maz there couldn't even be an event, so support him by buying his cookbook

On the day we toured the stallholders obtaining extra goodies for the entrants to enjoy:
Natures Finest Juices - Healthy drinks
Pure Epiphany - Cosmetics

Female contest

The female contest had a 7Kg dumbbell. I was looking forward to comparing the results here to how those in the more southern areas we usually visit manage?

Lizzie got 20 reps

Maggie hammered out 30 reps

Male contest

The men's contest was using a 15Kg dumbbell (it may have been nearer 16Kg on the day?)

Sam managed 8 reps

Ben managed 1 rep

Dave hammered out 13 reps


As you can probably spot in second place for the ladies was Lizzie with 20 reps

And the second place male was Sam with 8 reps

The winning female was Maggie with 30 reps

The winning male was Dave with 13 reps


We had a load of fun during the day, met quite a few new people and next year I am looking forward on expanding on the event. If you couldn't attend this year, then I look forward to seeing you at next years festival!

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