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Oslo Vegetarfestival 2012


 The cortisol experiment...

 The Event...


 The Contest...

 Women's contest...

 Men's contest...



Rainbow over Oslo
Rainbow over Oslo after a shower

It was everyone's first time going this far north so we decided to spend a few days enjoying the sites of Oslo.  We had to leave really early, so it was a bright & early start to our adventures.  We arrived a few days before the event so we had a chance to look around.  We discovered the place where they do the Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize
The Nobel Peace Prize building

We found the wildlife was very friendly

Cute sparrow
A friendly sparrow

We also discovered what looked like a Buddhist peace statue during our travels around the city.  It was called "The Eternal flame"...but it had gone out :-)

peace statue
The 'eternal' peace flame had gone out!

We had a great time doing a boat voyage around Oslo fjord (which isn't a true fjord at all) & found out that male toilets can have a funny name :-)

A toilet for guys called a pissoar - quite amusing to English folk!

Yes, honestly it was a toilet you urinated onto a hole in the floor called a 'Pissoar' :-), how cool is that!

Oh yea, the city was full of statues as well, there are famous one's like the angry baby, but one of my favourites was a chicken statue.  How often does the humble chicken get a statue?

chicken statue
A statue to chickens is not that common

The cortisol experiment

This was not something we had planned for, but it turns out where we were staying was very loud.  The noise kept us awake, so at most we only got an hour or so of restless sleep each night if we were lucky.  Going without sleep is generally considered bad, but I got a first hand taste of this as the days went on.  My immune system crashed, I developed pain in the foot, I found it hard to concentrate, I started losing muscle tone & getting water retention.  Generally I looked & felt awful!  I've not really stayed awake for days in many years & as you age it appears it becomes MUCH harder to do & the effects are much worse than when you are a youth, so my advice is to avoid sleepless nights like the plague as you can fall to pieces in literally a couple of days in some cases.

I'll be honest, the lack of sleep really negatively affected the talk we did as I really wasn't able to focus as much as I should. I hope people there got something useful out of it, but if we are invited next year I'll put in some extra effort to make it a talk to remember!

That was the only downside of the adventure to Norway.  The place was amazing, the event was awesome & I recommend that anyone in that area make the effort to attend the next one.

The Event

The event
The main hall of the event. There were also a couple of other rooms!

The Oslo Vegetarfestival is somewhat smaller than the events in Wolverhampton, London Brighton or Bristol.  It wasn't small as it was two big rooms, an area outside & a talk area.  The event had similar stuff to other events in the UK & Europe we've attended, they even had newer stuff like vegan vitamin D3 from vitashine on sale there, so it was well worth a visit as you could stock up on some of the harder to get stuff while you were there.

We got there nice & early (one benefit of no sleep is you are awake early!) & set up the stall.  We were ready to see how we'd do meeting the folks from Norway!

Liz in control at the stall


On issue we had concerns about was that we didn't have any of our usual prizes to give away.  Normally a few companies we support give us a few bits to give away, but as none of them trade in Scandinavia we had to rely of any gifts Maz could dig up on the day.  We did have a couple of trophies for the winners, but that was it.  Thankfully the companies at the event proved to be as generous as those in the UK so we had no shortage of gifts & everyone who took part went away with a prize!  So special thanks to them.  Most of them had no idea who we were & so please take a few minutes to check out their stuff & if there is anything you think you might like go & check them out as it's only with their support that we have things like these contests.

I'll list them here, so go check them out:

Vital greens (make a green powder-add it to your shakes for a nutritional boost) or within the EU click here

Vital Protein (pea protein isolate)

Økosjokolade (confectionary)

Lush (cosmetics)

Charlottes Urtekosmetikk (cosmetics) (sellers of the drink yerbamate)

Veganlife (various vegan products)

Friends fair trade (fair trade products)

The Contest

This was our first year doing push-ups in Norway, so we were looking forward to having a good time at the event.  As usual it was at the end of the show & our spies on the stall said that the show noticeably emptied as people piled in to see this our first event in Scandinavia!

First off Coach Gary did a grand job of showing people the correct way he wanted the exercise done.

Gary demonstrating good form

Then with a quick build-up from Maz the contest began!

Women's contest

Hopefully everyone's names are correct.  As we had some people turn up late & so the order got a little bit muddled.  If your name is wrong just let me know.

First off we have to back track a little as before the show one lady wanted to enter, but had to leave early & so did a token entry at the stall.  She knew she was not part oft eh contest itself, but just wanted to do it.  Note she did full reps not on the knees.

Siri at the stall got an amazing 25 full reps but had to leave too early to enter the contest

Daniella got an awesome 40 reps

Ida did an outstanding an  24 reps

Next up came Madelen with 35 reps

Next up came Elisabeth who was on her hen night & wasn't expecting to do the contest

she got an awesome 20 full reps (not on the knees)

& got a little something we bought from Lush as a surprise

Pearl got a hard fought 20 reps

Finally came Aun with an unbelievable 47 reps

Men's Contest

Next up came the men's event. This one was using a full push-up for maximum reps.

Andreas started off the men with a phenomenal 37 reps

Jorund got an astonishing 34 reps

Mats got a decent 29 reps

Rob got an impressive 47 reps

Oysyein got a respectable 27 reps

Aleksander got a decent 19 reps

Jan got a fine 12 reps

Rune got a reasonable 27 reps


finally it came time for Maz & Coach Gary to announce the winners of the contest.

For the ladies in third was Madelen with 35 reps

In second was Daniella with 40 reps

& in first place was Aun with a fantastic 47 reps

Her are the top three ladies of the day with their prizes!

For the guys we had Jorund in third with 34 reps & Andreas in second with 37 reps

In first place was the raw vegan Rob with 47 reps

Here's a pic of the male top three on the day

As far as I'm aware this is the first time a raw food athlete has won our event.   Rob follows a diet similar to that advocated by Doug Graham commonly called the 80:10:10 Diet (80% carbs:10% fat:10% protein in terms of calories).  He focuses on sweet fruits as a large part of his diet from what he said - note this is what I got from talking to him, I apologise Rob if I get any details wrong here!  He was also pretty ripped as a side note.


So that was about the end of our day at the event.  We did get invited to the party afterwards, but to be honest as none of us slept much we were all exhausted & so crashed out early.  I know Gary wanted to go, but with his sense of direction being as bad as mine he needed a competent adult to make sure he made it back to where we were staying & so missed out.  If we're invited next year we will definitely try & attend.

Lastly, I'll add the list of sponsors again as it is because of them that we have any prizes to give you guys & gals, so if you can support them, then do.  Hopefully everyone who attended enjoyed the festival & enjoyed us coming along.  Remember to keep an eye out for the event next year as it is well worth going along to & maybe see you next year?

Vital greens (make a green powder-add it to your shakes for a nutritional boost) or within the EU click here

Vital Protein (pea protein isolate)

Økosjokolade (confectionary)

Lush (cosmetics)

Charlottes Urtekosmetikk (cosmetics) (sellers of the drink yerbamate)

Veganlife (various vegan products)

Friends fair trade (fair trade products)

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