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WDFPF World Single Power-lifting Championships

                      June 24th, 25th, 26th June, 2011

Event held at the Frauenthal Palace of Arts Centre, Muskegon

Michigan, USA

 Pat deadlifting a new world record!


Fresh from increasing my 2011 World record for bench and dead-lift at German National event, ten days earlier – I was hungry to further increase both of these records at the prestigious USA event. Major shoulder surgery was planned just several hours after I returned to UK.

This surgery puts me out of action for three-four months, depending upon how my rehabilitation progresses.


Though I had to take great care in Germany, inching up my records by 0.5kg to protect my shoulder for subsequent World event, I had a little more scope in USA – particularly with the dead-lift. I broke my record, as planned, on my third attempt and then decided to put a fourth attempt on the board three minutes later – this time further increasing it by an additional 1.5 kg. Fortunately, my shoulder did not excessively object!


The event began with a full twelve hour schedule for squatting – a lift I no longer partake in since breaking my back in 2009 – hence, as International  referee – I refereed all day – some cracking lifting by lifters from all over the world.


Day two was bench press – over two hundred lifters – including myself. As soon as I had successfully increased the record by 0.5 – this is an extremely challenging lift with a torn rotator cuff! – I refereed for the rest of the day.


Day three was dead-lift, most of the lifters who took part on day two also lifted on day three – both in unequipped and equipped section later. After lifting early in the morning, I centre-refereed until 6 pm.


As the oldest competing female power-lifter in Europe – with just my USA friend a little older – the records now stand at

M6 (66 yrs), 48.5 b/w – bench 31 kg – dead-lift 92.5 kg

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