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Richard Campbell Aka VEGAN RASTA



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Name: Richard Campbell AKA Vegan Rasta, Livity Fitness.
Year of Birth: 1976
Height: 6’0
Weight: 200 pounds
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Current Residence: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Sports: Natural Bodybuilding

I was born and raised in Toronto Canada. I attended Humber College where I received a Child & Youth Worker diploma. I have been Child & Youth Counselor for the past 15.5 years who works in an elementary school for a living full-time.

I am also a part-time certified personal trainer for the past 3 years. I love to read fitness and nutrition articles to help better myself and my clients. I am a fitness competitor in bodybuilding and muscle model competition shows. I started to compete in the fall of 2011. In my first show I placed 3rd place in a natural bodybuilding heavyweight division in the novice category. In my second competition I placed 6th place in the muscle model division in an open category in the summer of 2012. I just recently competed in my third competition which took place in the November of 2013 in a natural bodybuilding competition in the heavyweight division. I am very driven when it comes on to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, it’s a way of life for me. Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is alivity for me (Livity means life. Livity means love. Livity means loving other people in the same way you love yourself. Livity means being connected to the life source, the earth, and everything that sustains it).

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This is a one of my many nutrition plans. My nutrition changes depend on my fitness goal(s).

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of oatmeal
1 tsp of peanut
28g of pea protein
5g Glutamine

Mid-Morning: 28g of pea protein
1 banana
5g Creatine
5g Gluatamine

Lunch: 4oz of Kidney Beans
4oz of Chick Peas
6oz of Sweet Potato
4oz of Asparagus
4-6oz of Tofu

Mid-Afternoon Snack:
4oz of Kidney Beans
4oz of Chick Peas
6oz of Sweet Potato
4oz of Asparagus
4-6oz of Tofu

Dinner: 4oz of Kidney Beans
4oz of Chick Peas
6oz of Sweet Potato
4oz of Asparagus
4-6oz of Tofu

Evening Snack:
28g of pea protein

Pre Workout Meal:

1/2 cup of oatmeal
1 tsp of peanut
butter & 1 banana

Post Workout:

28g of pea protein
5g Creatine
5g Glutamine
50g Carbo Gain

* 4L of water a day
* 6-8 cups of green tea a day

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Contest history:

(International Drug Free Athletes) November 2011
1st show- Bodybuilding Heavyweight Novice category 3rd place

(World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) August 2012
2nd show- Muscle Model Open category 6th place

(International Drug Free Athletes) November 2013
3st show- Bodybuilding Heavyweight Open category waiting for final results

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I would describe my training program typical for a bodybuilder. I typically train 1-2 muscle groups per training session sometimes 3 for 6 day a week with 2 rest day. I tend to train my weaker parts twice a week. I like to focus on compound exercises. I train my back and triceps twice a week not because they are weak. I just love to train back and triceps

A typical week might look like this:

Sunday- Back & Shoulders
Monday- Chest & Triceps
Tuesday- Legs
Wednesday- Back & Arms
Thursday- Shoulders, Traps & Chest
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Rest

This training plan is not set in stone. I may switch it up depending on how sore I may be that week. I may also change my training plan depending on my fitness goals. I like to take time to focus on my weaker parts. When I get closer to a bodybuilding competition my training changes for contest prep. I spend roughly 1-1.5 hours per training session. In my growing season (no such thing as off season, always working on improving my physique). I train 5 days a week during the growing season and I tend to split up my legs. I will train Quads with calves one days and Hams lower back on another days just so push my legs harder so I can take the intensity to another level.

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Positive thoughts

Be passionate in everything you do.
Look at the positive thing in life, because things could be much worse.
Be humble.
Stay focused.
Never give up.

Richard Campbell AKA VEGAN RASTA