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Solent Open 2005


May 5 2005...

Couple of leg training session pics...

May 20 2005...

Robbie's 12 week competition diet...

Solent city open 2005...


Here is the place for all the preparation & contest pictures & write-up for Robbies build-up for the Solent Open 2005 (for his previous contest this year, the West Britain - Click here)

May 5 2005- 191lbs

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Couple of pictures from Leg training May 9 2005

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May 20 2005 - 13st 4lbs [186 lbs]

Hi all 2 weeks to go to my 2nd competition of the year all going well body wt at 13st 4lbs [186lbs] still as strong as ever in the gym. I could put the poundages up, but I do not want to risk injury at this stage of preparation so the reps have gone up but they are getting a bit high for my style of training, so I think I might have to. Now been dieting for 16weeks and it's getting to me, if you have not competed you do not realize how hard it is. My hat goes off to all the guys and gals that do compete we are all winners regardless of where we place once you have got ready for a show you can do anything. Will try and get some more photos a couple of days before the show if I am not to depleted/drained. VEGAN-POWER-ROBBIEx

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Robbie's 12 week competition diet

Just got Robbie's 12 week diet for contest. Rather than add it in earlier I'll put it here.

Upon rising 2 pints water cup of green tea
Meal 1 nut drink
Meal 2 melon or 2 grapefruits
Meal 3 4 bananas lettuce celery cup green tea
Meal 4 30g protein drink
Meal 5 30g protein drink
Meal6 50g tofu large mixed salad cup green tea
Meal 7 30g protein drink

Drinking about 6 to 8 pints of water a day
Wednesdays/Sundays meal 6 veg/quinoa banyan 115g. If hungry ½ cup raisins
After training 80g protein drink

Final week

Sunday 6 pts water 4g vit c
Monday 7 pts water 4g vit c
Tuesday 8 pts water 4g vit c
Wednesday 9 pts water 4g vit c
Thursday 10 pts water 5g vit c
Friday 12 pts Water 12g vit c cut water out about 6pm just have a sip when needed
Show morning 100g oats rice milk 1 banana raisins maple syrup - up till going on stage rice cakes with jam on them 30 minutes before going on stage a bar of dark chocolate and a drink of brandy.

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Solent city open 2005

Placed 2nd at the MR Solent City many said should of been 1st qualified for MR Britain on November 27th at Birmingham so come on you vegans save up now and give some support Body wt was 13st 2lbs many if I have been a couple of lbs lighter would of been a bit sharper. That's it for a bit for pic's and updates competition in September will just post up pic's and how it went from that unless I heard that you want progress pic's write up every 2weeks till comp.

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The quality of the pictures below is very poor, I did my best to make them as clear as possible (ed)

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