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Robbie Hazeley

Robbie in 2007

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About Robert Hazeley

Open Ultra Classic 1995

In 1990 Robbie was a 16 stone (224Ibs / 100Kg approx.) meat, fish, egg and dairy eating bodybuilder. Tearing ligaments while coaching tennis Robbie was forced to endure six operations over the following four years. The injuries left him with chronic arthritis and knee problems that forced him to take painkillers both night and day.

Robbie beforeRobbie after training on a vegan diet

Robbie's life was turned around when he visited his friend and mentor Dave Howe, a vegan gym owner who convinced him that giving up meat would help alleviate his problems. Robbie became a vegetarian within six weeks, then a vegan soon afterwards.

Robbie's recovery was almost miraculous. He no longer needs painkillers and now walks 30 miles plus, once a week with just some fruit and water in a backpack.

Robbie still gets the odd pain and knee lockup, but he says he feels marvellous and everyone comments on how well he's looking.

In 1994 he started training for bodybuilding contests once again, but this time as a vegan. Many doubted it was possible, but Robbie proved them wrong!

In 1995 Robbie stood on stage at 13 stone 2 pounds (184Ibs / 83Kg Approx.) - that is a full 6 pounds (3 Kg Approx.) heavier than he'd achieved as a meat eater!

Robbie placed 3rd. In 1997 he came 2nd in the Mr. England contest and has placed 6th three years running in the Mr. Great Britain contest, he has also appeared in many magazines, newspapers and on several TV programmes promoting the vegan way of eating.

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Robbies Training

Robbie training at Andy Fosters Garage Gym

Robbie has tried almost every style of training routine there is. Below is the routine he started in January 2002 (to see the routine that Robbie used for the previous 3 years click here)

Robbie trains four times a week at the moment he isn't doing any CV as he is concentrating on increasing his muscle mass (CV work will be added nearer to competition). Robbie trains at home using only basic hard-core workout equipment which Robbie says is all one needs along with sheer determination!

Andy says "Remember while spotting image is vital!"


On weight training days warm-up consists of 10 minutes on bike, 4 minutes on the Concert II Rower, then stretch and finally 4 sets of abs and hyper-extensions.

( SS stands for Supersets - Doing two exercises for opposing muscles without a break in-between. I.e. A bicep & tricep superset would be a set of curls and tricep extensions done without a break in-between. You would then rest a short time and repeat for the required number of sets)



Curls SS Lying Tricep extension triple drop 12-10-8

One Arm Concentration Curls SS Overhead Tricep Extensions triple drop 12-10-8

Dumbbell hangs 3 sets 30 secs SS Tricep Stretch


Monday (Chest and Shoulders)


Flat Dumbbell bench press triple drop 12-10-8

Incline Press triple drop 12-10-8

Side lateral Raises triple drop 12-10-8

Seated Press triple drop 12-10-8

Calves 3 sets


Wednesday (Legs)


Leg extensions SS Leg curls 15-12-12

Squats 4 x 12

Deadlifts 4 x 8 to 10


Friday (back)


Pullovers SS One arm rows triple drop 12-10-8

Chins 3 sets

Bent over Lateral raises SS Shrugs triple drop 12-10-8

Calves 3 sets


Cool down

Stretch the bodyparts trained

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Robbie's competition training

The weight training does not change, but the CV work goes up. The stationary bike and concept II rower are used every morning for 45 minutes on an empty stomach and increase abs and hyper-extensions to six sets, also practice posing is done as this helps the muscles 'come out'.

Robbies diet

Robbies diet changes depending on whether he is preparing for a competition or not and if he is trying to 'bulk up'. He also uses some supplements that he believes helps him achieve a better look.

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Robbie's 12 week cut-up diet

open Ultra Classic 1996

This diet is used in the final 12 weeks before a show to remove the most possible fat while retaining muscle (this diet would not be suitable for those trying to add muscle or to use long term)

Upon rising: - 2 pints (about 1 litre) of water - 1 cup of green tea (Followed by 45 minutes CV work)

Breakfast: - Nut drink (almond 'milk'), 1 pint of water, cup of green tea

Mid morning: - 2 apples (last week 1 apple), 1 pint of water 1 gram Vit C

Lunch: - 4 Bananas, cup of green tea, 1 pint of water

Mid afternoon: - 2 apples (last 5 weeks 1 apple), 1 pint of water, 1 gram Vit C


Late afternoon: - 30 grams soya protein powder drink, 1 pint of water

Dinner: - Large mixed salad, avocado (for the first 6 weeks), 1 cup of rice with mint sauce (1/2 cup last six weeks, last two weeks cut out rice & add jacket potato & cup of green tea)

About 8.30pm: - 30 grams Soya protein powder drink

Last week: - 1 pint of water with 1 gram of Vit C every hour

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Robbie's off-season diet

This is Robbie's current eating pattern, but it does change month to month and at the moment he is trying to become 100% fruitarian.

Upon rising: - 2 pints of water, 1 gram of Vit C

Breakfast: - Almonds, seeds, banana, dates and 1 tablespoon of 4 in 1 oil in 1 pint of water blended

Mid morning: - 2 apples, 1 stick of celery


Lunch: - Six to 8 bananas

Mid afternoon: - 30 Grams of Soya protein powder drink

Late Afternoon: - 2 Apples, 1 Stick of celery

Dinner: - Avocado with large salad, humous, some kind of vegan spread or Tofu, 1 cup of Rice or Pasta

Supper: - 30 grams of soya protein drink

On training days he has a 60 gram soya protein drink. At dinner time he adds a cup of rice and tofu

On this diet he is holding his weight at 190Ibs ( 86Kg / 131/2 stone Approx.)


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Robbie's bulking up diet

Breakfast: - 100 grams of oats, 1 banana, 2 slices of toast

Mid morning: - 2 Bananas

Lunch: - Avocado salad with humous, jacket potato

Mid afternoon: - 30 grams Soya protein drink

Late afternoon: - 2 apples

Dinner: - Rice, mixed vegetables (as much as you can eat), tofu or vegan meatless product

Supper: - 30 grams Soya protein drink

Half an hour before bed: - 30 grams Soya protein drink

Try to drink at least six pints of water a day. After training drink 50 grams of Soya protein drink.

If you are putting fat on do not worry as after six months of this diet you can do the 12 week cut up diet to get ready for competition or just to look good.

(Robbie says: - Do not eat quorn products as they are not vegan)

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Robbie uses the 'Chemical Nutrition' range, the products he has found helpful are: - GABA, creatine and chemical carbs (maltodextrin). He also uses the Solgar and Vega vegan range.


GABA is taken on training nights 5 grams just before bed in off the boil water

Creatine: - Robbie finds creatine works very well during the off season, but he uses very little during competition time, well below maintenance level and no loading (click here for Robbies guide to creatine useage).

Robbie also uses Vitamins C,E, B complex, magnesium, calcium, zinc boron complex, amino acid complex, garlic, chromium glutamine, B3, B6, MSM and of course a Soya protein powder. On training days he also uses 50mg vanadyl sulphate and 2 grams of ltyrosine.

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Robbie's 1998 British Masters routine

For better playback store the clip on your hard drive - simply right click here & click on "save target as...", then choose where you wish to store the clip on your computer.(clip 915Kb)

To view the video clip you need get real player herereal player


Aims for 2002

Some of Robbie's bodybuilding trophies

Robbie is aiming to bulk up for the first part of the year, then around August he plans to switch to a cut-up diet to prepare for competition in October and November. At the moment there are only plans to enter the Open Classic in October and Mr. Great Britain in November, but he may consider some other competitions nearer the time. Any prospective competitors should note that Robbie intends to come in AT LEAST 4 or 5 pounds heavier and in better shape than ever!

2002 Results

Robbie came in 4th in the Mr Great Britain Masters contest, an improvement of two places from his last attempt! The Open Classic was cancelled.

Aims for 2003

Robbie intends to compete in the Mr West Britain contest in April & then to compete in the Mr Great Britain Masters later in the year. He may enter other competitions, if the dates co inside with his present cutting-up goals for this year.

Results for 2003

The standard at the Mr West Britain contest was remarkably high this year. Despite this intense level of competition & being "over-carbed" on the day, Robbie still managed to come in 5th of 8 on the day (for full details of Robbie's training & diet for the contest CLICK HERE)


Here are the sites that Robbie has found useful: -


Robbie is in need of sponsorship to continue to highlight the fact that a vegan diet can be used to build an outstanding physique. Any supplement manufacturer, weight training company or individuals who would like to sponsor Robbie can E-mail him with details.

Open Ultra classic 1996

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Vegan stories

Both Robbie Hazeley & Pat Reeves are in the book Vegan Stories, by Julie Rosenfeld, available from the Vegan Society UK. To buy the book click here

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