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Southampton Cruelty free festival 2007


Curling competition





This was our first outing of 2007 & as usual we had the odd hiccup, so I arrived without  my camera, but I wasn't alone at forgetting the vitals.

First off I was helping Tim of Yaoh foods with a hemp protein demonstration using the new hemp protein isolate (over 90% protein with only trace amounts of carbs & fats).  unfortunately he too had problems as he had forgotten water, bowls & kitchen rolls, so we had to scurry round to find the necessaries to put on the display (special thanks to beanies for letting us have some of their Bnice vegan ice cream for the demonstration).

The demonstration went really well, the only real problem was the lecture hall was so far away from the main hall that you need a pair of hiking boots to get there.    I think everyone learned a bit about using hemp in shakes, how to make hemp (& other nut/seed milks) using a hemp milk making machine & how nice protein shakes can be made to taste with a bit of imagination.

On the stall we were kept very well fed as the beanies crew kept coming over to feed us ice's & their amazing meat substitutes.  They must know all of us at Vegan Bodybuilding are well known for our appetites!

Curling Competition

Sponsors of the 2007 World vegan Curling competition

First off we have to thank Yaoh foods  for sponsoring the event once again.  this year they did us proud with £25 worth of Yaoh goodies for the winners & a free gift for everyone who entered!  I also need to thank Tim for MCing the event & Maz for taking care of everyone onstage, you're both stars.

Maz & Tim Stars of the Curling contest  

We only had a week or so to organise & get the details out for the curling competition, so we really weren't sure just how many people we'd have for the event, so it was a relief to see a big crowd in attendance for the contest.

The weights used were the same as those we used for last years Gloucester vegan fayre, with the men lifting 12Kg (10Kg in discs on an approx 2kg bar) & the woman lifting 7Kg (5kg in discs on an approx 2kg bar)

A confession: I must confess I lost track a bit of everyone's names when the first camera I borrowed died & I had to run & get another, so I'll put the names & the reps done at the end of both the male & female contests 

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Look it's mini-maz spotting the contest-how did he get so small?!? hee hee!

The first female entry must have shocked most people as Liz got a mammoth 42 reps (she'll be one to watch at our other contests throughout 2007!) & although there were some very valiant efforts no one quite had the strength  to overtake that commanding start to the contest.  I must also mention that it is great seeing more woman getting involved with these contests too!

Kerry 25 reps

Kate 21 reps

Sharron 16 reps

Hannah 23 reps

Coco 27 reps

Miranda 17 reps

Mel 37 reps

Titch 15 reps

Emma  26 reps

Kate (from Jinga stall) 26 reps 

Liz 42 reps 

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The mens contest was also very open as last years winner Ruben wasn't competing, so they had everything to play for, & with past winners from several of our other contests, it looked like it was going to be a tight run thing.  In the end Dave (after a very shaky start) dug down deep & gutted out 50 reps!   Special mention should be noted for Damians crowd-pleasing performance.  He may not have won the contest, but he certainly entertained us...Nice one!

Richard 15 reps

Alfie 22 reps

Sam 15 reps

Tony 40 reps

Paul 44 reps

Damian 14 reps

Andrew 16 reps

Michael 39 reps

Fat Chris 20 reps

Colin 30 reps

Tim 15 reps

Wedjy 21 reps

Trog 24 reps

 Dave 50 reps 


The Winners

Liz with 42 reps & Dave with 50 reps 

Liz & Dave emerge victorious at this years Curling championships  

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