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Animal Aid Christmas fayre 2016

Push-up contest...
Female contest...
Male contest...


The Animal Aid event is one of the first events we went to when we first started doing stalls.  I am fairly certain we have attended every year since we began going at the beginning of the 21st Century?  It is one of the oldest events in the country with a loyal following of regulars, many of whom come especially to attend the push-up event we hold every year.
Push-up contest


The event is as many continuous push-ups as possible.  Woman need to bend the arm to at least 90 degrees while guys need to pause briefly at the bottom of each rep (as guys tend to cheat and cut reps short unless we keep some control of their depth and speed).
 Before we get started with the contests here are our sponsors.  Remember that they support us by giving us prizes, so support them by buying stuff off them, if they are selling something you are looking for (& letting them know you found them through us helps event more!).  So, support us, by supporting them.

good heavens it's jeavons

Good heavens, It's Jeavons - best choccy treats available

Viridian Vitamins
Viridian vitamins sells great supplements & sponsors of our Vegan bodybuilding competitions!

Vegan Health & fitness magazine
Vegan Health & fitness magazine - Helping you achieve your best without harming animals

Veganicity - Top supplements for health & maximum performance Get 35% off using the code VEGANBODY2016


Vegetology - Makers of Vitamin D3, DHA/EPA omega-3 oil, multi vitamins, and Joint pain products

veggie style
Veggie Style - Get 10% off using code VBB

Exercise and nutrition books with a vegan focus

Pulsin  - Protein powders, bars and snacks

Chip butty Vegan
Without Maz there couldn't even be an event, so support him by buying his cookbook

On the day we toured the stallholders obtaining extra goodies for the entrants to enjoy:

- hemp products
Sokiki - Chocolate makers
Make-up without malice - Cruelty-free cosmetics
Vegetarian Shoes - Vegan Shoes
Wills Vegan Shoes - Vegan Shoes
Honesty Cosmetics - One of the first vegan cosmetics suppliers in the UK
Lush - Cosmetics

Female contest

Male contest


Anthony and Jemma
So the day ended. We had a fab time.  I know I usually end it with photos of the prizes going to all the entrants, but I had a phone mishap and I lost the pictures, that and a serious illness delayed this write-up, so enjoy it.  I will do my best to be more punctual with the write-ups from now on. Everyone had an amazing time at the event, and hopefully we will see you next year?
Vegan Hero
Let's hope there can be even more Vegan Heroes soon!

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