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Xmas without cruelty fayre 2003

Joni, Pete, Robbie & Phil

Unfortunately the cameras batteries went flat after only a few pics, so we've only got two pictures of very beginning of the fayre when we first arrived & set up. Apart from that small oversight Vegan Bodybuilding's day at the Animal Aid Xmas without cruelty fayre was a great success.

For the first time we've accepted a sponsor, who in return for sharing our stall will pay for the cost of the table, so for the time being part of the cost of running stalls is covered (any offers to subsidise printing & transport will also be considered). The vegan company Yaoh offered to subsidise our stall for next year, so many thanks to Tim for the offer.

Anyway, we met still more vegan strength athletes (we are constantly surprised by how many there actually are!). Including one guy who used to train with Mr Britain contenders before he retired from the sport & was 18 stone ripped on a vegan diet (hopefully I'll have more details on the site about him very soon).

Strangest encounter of the event was talking to a guy who only ate peanuts & occasionally linseeds, as well as talking to a lady who had a protein assimilation problem, who maybe Pat Reeves (British Powerlifting Champion, vegan & nutritional therapist who often comes to these events) could have helped, but was beyond my meagre abilities to help.

Anyway, the message seems to be slowly filtering through to the vegan community at large that you can train with weights & get just as strong & large as when you're eating meat & hopefully when we attend events next year, we'll notice a slightly better built group of people at these sort of events.

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