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Xmas without cruelty fayre 2004

L-R Chris, Pete, Jonny, Robbie,Gary,Tarz & James

The 2004 Christmas without cruelty fayre saw the biggest gathering of vegan muscle that has ever occured! The biggest guys (& Mary!) from all over England came to hang out & give out training advice at the Vegan Bodybuilding stall. All together there was over a centuries worth of strength training knowledge, gathered (if you added up their combined years of training experience). Just about everything you'd ever need to know about vegan bodybuilding, strength & fitness was at the London fayre this year!

Cheeky James

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We met a few of the folks from the Vegan Bodybuilding E-mail list, Vegan fitness & Vegan forum Boards as well as some other folk...

"Crazy boots" Liz

L-R Pete Robbie & Big Chris

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Chris turned up triumphant 2nd in an ultra-fit fitness contest this year & intends to compete once again in Bodybuilding in '05.

All in all the day was a roaring success firing everyone up to train twice as hard next year , so we can go out, compete, & really ram home the message that Vegan Bodybuilding, Strength , Muscle & Might has arrived!

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