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Xmas without cruelty fayre 2005

Setting up...

Robbie's Posing...

Talk & Trophies...

Press up contest & WIP of the Year results...

Day's end & Thanks...

Setting up

So, is it true Santa you actually bulk over winter, but get ripped to shit during the summer...!?!

Seriously, the picture above is of Robbie Hazeley preparing to shock audiences at the Animal Aid Xmas Without Cruelty Fayre.

The day began early with us arriving, then almost as soon as we had the stall up, we were off, sorting out the lighting & sound for the show,

Here's us checking the lighting with Robbie (no tan, but look at the cuts!)

then straight off to tan up Robbie in the men's toilets, which I must admit raised a few eyebrows.

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Robbie's Posing

By 12 noon we were ready & set off up to the small hall where the posing was to take place I was Santa's minder on the way there, sound guy during & taking photos while Robbie got up there to do what he does best!

Unknown to me Robbie had planned to jump off the stage into the crowd as the climax of his show & I can vouch for the fact that having an in-condition bodybuilder leaping at you from the stage can be quite an intimidating sight!

The crowd were truly wowed by his performance. Many have said it was the highlight of the show as they hadn't known what kind of condition you have to achieve to compete in the sport of bodybuilding.

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Talk & Trophies

Next we rushed off for another 30-40 minutes in the toilet to remove the tan, then we had to grab a bite & straight off to our talk about nutrition, training & supplements. We have tried a new format this year with both myself & Robbie onstage to give our views. I think we both like the format as we work well together & it makes the whole thing flow better & is much more enjoyable & informative. 45 minutes up there & we'd still only scratched the surface of peoples diets, training etc, but it was time to go as we still had the contest to get sorted out!

Press up contest & WIP of the year results

At this years show we had two contests & to run & we were also going to announce the winners of the WIP of the year. For those that don't know the WIP pages of the VBB site ( ) gives everyone interested in training as a vegan a place to announce goals, & work on improving themselves, the most improved over the year gets a trophy (you see Michael holding one above) . Not the best, but the most improved over the year. This years winners were Crystal Hammer & Joni (moderator of Vegan Fitness) . It was a very hard decision & we were discussing it right up to the day of the show, but in the end we feel the best people won.

So, finally at the end of the show we had what for many was the highlight of the day, the press-up contest. As the room began to fill we realised there was going to be some hot competition as both the winners of our earlier shoulder press contest at the Bristol fayre were entering, plus a few of the London young guns had come along to try & unthrone them, the contest was on!

For the female contest we had 3 entries, so each were guaranteed either a trophy or at least a medal as we had trophy for first & medals for second & third, along with a £25 gift voucher from Redwoods & their pick of any Yaoh product, thanks to Tim of Yaoh & all the Redwoods crew for helping make the event the success it was!


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The Winner of the Female event was Julie who got a fantastic 50 reps! Beating Kate who won the Shoulder Press contest in Bristol earlier in the year.


The other two competitors did a fantastic job too & they all deserved their trophies & medals!

Kate (the winner of our Shoulder press contest at Bristol) came second

Mary came in a close third & they all deserved their prizes as they did great!

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Next came the male event in which we had 13 entries!

The Winner was Matt  who did an unbelievable 72 reps!

A good effort from Julian Weisman earned him a second

In third place Chris Hearn got very close to getting the trophy himself!

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In all honesty I can't remember which name goes with which face of each of the competitors, so I'll list them, then put the pictures below for you to see for yourself.

The competitors were: Michael Russel, Volodya Mozhenkov, Gerard Bane, Wejdy Aesa, Cristian, Michael Ros, Bill Mathew, John Morgan James Southwood & Tom Duke

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Hopefully everyone enjoyed the event & I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't do something similar at some of the shows next year!

Day's end & Thanks

The end of the day ended ended with Robbie getting his top off at the stall for some young ladies (when doesn't he-Hee hee)

Special thanks must also go to Justine & Michael for looking after the stall when we were busy (which was most of the day), thanks guys!

Lastly I'd like to thank Animal Aid for having us at the Fayre & both Yaoh & Redwoods for supplying prizes for the event. If you haven't check them out yet see the links below as Animal Aid are the best grassroots Animal Rights group about, Yaoh sell the best hemp foods & cosmetics about & Redwood sell the best Fake meats & cheeses, so spend 5 minutes having a look at them.


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