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Xmas without cruelty fayre 2006



World Vegan Press-up Contest 2006...

Wip of the year 2006...


Tom & Mr James relax at the stall

For once we actually got an event a bit early & after a quick scout about we soon found our pitch & set up the stall. With both the press-up contest & announcing the WIP of the year at this years show there was a real buzz in the air as rumours of 'secret' training & huge rep totals to be expected at this years contest! Being upstairs at this years Xmas fayre meant a slower start than in usual years so we had to send Maz (the Gob) out to remind people where we were & we soon got a crowd at the stall!

Before we really knew, the time had flown past & we'd dished out our leaflets & advice & it was time for the moment most people had come for...the press-up contest! & if even some of the rumours we're right, it looked to be an exciting event this year!


Before it was time for the contest we had a few minutes, so we organised an impromptu chat about training, diet & the success of Robbie Hazeley getting the Mr Universe (where he was competing that very day!), you can read all about Robbie's Mr Universe adventures here With Tim (of Yaoh foods & Bristol Vegan fayre fame) MCing the event we had a lively questions & answers session with Mr James explaining his views about protein intake & the advantages of a vegan diet to aid in mass gain

As we were on the subject of winners we couldn't miss the chance to have 2006 UK Savate ( a form of kickboxing) champion James Southwood come up & give us his take on diet & training for martial arts. You can get more about James, Savate & training from his site here (& he re-appears in the press-up contest below!)

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World Vegan Press-up contest 2006

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Now came the event we'd all been waiting for. It was time for the press-ups!


We only had two entrants for the female class & after a word with the judge (Strict Gary), he decided that they had to do press-ups on the knees as they were new to doing press-ups.

Rachel Smith got an amazing 50 reps!!!

Arti Naithani got a very challenging 1 rep, but was a definite crowd pleaser!

So even with the 1 rep Arti still walked away with a Silver medal & promised to come back next year & do it again!

We were still left with the Female Bronze medal...but more on that later!

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Next up came the boys to see who'd be grasping the trophy for 2006! But Strict Gary had a surprise in-store this years contestants. Due to all the talk of massive reps he decided to alter this years contest by having all the competitors put one foot on top of the other, so they were doing a 1 leg press-up! Then it was on...

We started with Damion Handman who set the standard with a fantastic 45 reps

Charlie couldn't quite top Damion, but still did an amazing job with 35 reps

David Smiles got a respectable 30 reps

Mike Ros a winner of previous VBB contests suddenly upped the pace with a stunning 56 on!

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Next came Julian Weismen a regular & a real crowd favourite who got a great score of 20 reps

Bill Mathew got a decent 32 reps (Strict Gary disallowed a few reps for poor Bill)

Then came Dave (couldn't we just run?!) Arnold & knocked out an unbelievable 95 reps!!!

Next up was James Southwood & although he p[ulled out all the stops he still couldn't quite top Dave's score with 43 reps

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Paul came next just squeezing ahead of James & Damion into third with 48 reps

Next up was last years winner Matt sailed into second with 65 reps

Thomas Duke was next using probably the best form of the contest (in my view) & getting a very healthy 30 reps

Dan Kenwright cruised into third with 64 reps

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Chris Persey also got 64 reps

Jeremey Draven also clashed with Chris & Dan getting 64, were we in for a three-way for third???

Finally a late entry ET (sorry if I got the name wrong!) romped into joint second with a stunning 65 reps!...Now we had a tie-breaker to deal with!

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Strict Gary decided on leg-raised press-ups for the decider - Matt did really well, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to overcome ET, so Matt got the Bronze

That gave ET the Silver medal for the males contest

Matt tired, but happy with third. I think he'll be back even stronger next year!

ET is over the moon with his second

"Dark Horse" Dave Arnold shows us all he's not just about legs :-)

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WIP of the year 2006

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& our good friends

Check them both out for food, cosmetics & more!

Next up was the WIP of the year with the most improved female & male.

For the females after a very close run contest & much scratching of heads the winner was finally decided as Denise from the US who'd worked really hard for the award! As she was unable to come over from the US we'll be sending her her award & put up a picture of her with it as soon as she gets it.

For the males. There was one guy who stood out as working really hard & achieving his goals during 2006. He was a close entry last year, but this year he broke through the competion & came away a winner Tom finally made the grade & got his well deserved WIP trophy!

Finally with the contest done & the WIP awards handed out there was only one final thing to do...What to do with the female bronze award!

Problem solved...we have a winner!

Special thanks must go to Yaoh foods for sponsoring the event (go buy something from them, they work hard putting on the Bristol vegan fayre & making all-manner of scrummy hemp goodies) & to Animal Aid for putting on the Fayre (so we can all buy scrummy stuff for Xmas! Join them, they do a lot to help animals!)

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