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Xmas without cruelty fayre 2007


World Vegan Press-up Contest 2007...


Female winner... 



Men's winner... 



Gary, Timbo & Maz on the stall

After a short detour due to my fantastic directions around London (well you want to see the sights don't you?!?) we arrived at Kensington town hall for the world famous CWC fayre.  This year the rumour was that defending champion Dave Arnold had recently broken his finger, so he would be unlikely to compete, so were we in for a new champion to snatch Dave's crown! Last years defending female champion wasn't competing, so the female contest was up for grabs!

Unlike last year people seemed to know we were upstairs & the stall was quickly packed with people coming to ask questions or just say "Hi".

During the afternoon a couple of us helped Wonder Pig (the vegan Superhero!) give out his environmental awards around the fayre to some of the most environmentally friendly companies about!

Gary & Wonder Pig - the only vegan superhero

World Vegan Press-up contest 2007

This year we had two MASSIVE goodie bags to give away for which we'd like to thank the following sponsors (remember to go & check them all out!):

Animal Aid




Animals Count

Speak Campaigns

From Dusk til dawn/Behind the mask

Yaoh foods

Vegetarian Shoes



Sea Sheppard

A11 love

Vegan Society

Vegan Store

Uncaged Campaigns 


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First off we had Gary demonstrating exactly how he wanted the press-ups to be done

Gary demonstrating the three quarter press-up


First of all was the ladies contest & unlike last year we had 13 entrants!  As most were new to doing the press-up the females did the three quarter press-up:

Hannah got us off to a flying start with 40 reps

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Amanda got an impressive 32 reps

Rachel Hill did great with 30 strong reps

One of last years favourites Arti Naithani decided to go for full press-ups & out-did last year by getting 1 full rep!!!

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Ann upped the contest with a mammoth 48 reps!

Agnes managed a great 38 reps

Michelle Quaid (aka The Terminator) managed to get a very healthy 41 reps

Emma Phipps moved the bar up again with a huge 49 reps

Sarah Swinfield got a really good 34 reps

Jo Adejimola got third place with an  unbelievable 60 reps

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Tameena Yaqub crushed all the opposition with a mammoth 70 reps!

Auita Dias came in an amazing second place with 63 reps!

Female winner 

Here's Tameena collecting her goodies for her win!


The men were using the classic press-up style for the contest & it started with the news that last years champion Dave Arnold was indeed to enter again, but would his form hit last years high, or would a new challenger emerge?

Geoff Sheppard started things off with a very good 36 reps

Next Chris Hearn got an impressive 48 reps 

Marius Sodczak got a well earned 39 reps

John Morgan matched Geoff with 36 reps

Chris Bouner got a respectable 25 reps

Ryan Vance stormed into an early lead with 53 reps which was enough to get him joint third

James Turner joined Chris at 53 reps which would end with him in joint third

David Huish got a fab 39 reps

Dave Smailes got a fantastic 46 reps

Andrew got 36 good reps

Ben Mills got 32 reps

Savate champion James Southwood did a great 37 reps

Terry got a decent 46 reps

Michael Ros got a respectable 52 reps 

Next came defending champion Dave Arnold falling just short of his last years record with 89 reps

Finally came a late entry with Larix joining Dave on 89 reps, we had a tie for 1st!


We had a split with the judges with one believing Dave had it, while the other thought Larix had won it!  With no time for a tie-breaker, we had to settle for a joint 1st place, but the controversy rages!


Men's winner

The guys split the goodies between them..but who won? Maybe next year we can finally sort it out! 


Special thanks goes, as ever to MASSIVE Maz for driving, getting goodies sorted & generally being all round nice lad!

Massive Maz flexes onstage to scare the crowd! 

Amazing Liz raises some money for the best animal rescue charity working in Sri Lanka Home & Abroad Animal Welfare Give 'em your brass!

I hope I got all the contest competitors names with their face & a huge thanks for everyone entering & watching the press-up contest as it's you that keeps it going from strength to strength every year!  Hopefully we'll see you all again next year.  Remember to check out the links to the sponsors  above as they all sell great stuff & help keep the contest going as well.  Extra special thanks must go to Mary at Animal Aid for all her great work getting the fayre running every year & to Tim for....well being Timbo :-)

See you again next year! 

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